Safe to assume you’ve figured it out already. I’m Katie Edwards. Hello. Hi. Welcome. (Insert all appropriate greetings here).

 I’m assuming (again) that if you’re going to hire someone to capture the most important day of your life – you’ll want to know a little about that person.

Am I right? Too bad if I’m wrong, here goes nothing:

After one too many days driving down farm roads and exploring the desolate mountains of southern Utah, I picked up my Dad’s camera and never looked back.  Fast forward 10 years – I am now living my dream on the sunny shores of California, soaking up sunshine and shooting weddings every weekend.

When I’m not working I’m likely re-decorating my tiny apartment by the ocean, hanging with my friends or lying on the beach.

I love dancing to terrible 90’s music,  spending time with my family, drinking overpriced coffee, surfing baby waves, devouring pizza, traveling to new places, and surprise surprise – taking photos!

What about you? What’s your story? Whatever it is, I want to tell it.

I believe photographs are a beautiful miracle that we all take for granted. With phones and social media we forget the power behind a perfectly composed photograph. Not only a photograph but a memory. Your memories. Captured in a beautiful way. How amazing is that?

As your photographer I will get to know you, become your friend (sorry not sorry), take you to a beautiful location and create magical images of your memories to treasure forever.

If you think that sounds like the best time ever, please say hello.

Also feel free to see what other clients have said here. 

Thanks for stopping by.

See you soon.

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